Candlekeep Archives: Do Nairitya Biography

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Do Nairitya is a Lawful Neutral Rakshasa Paladin. He is always polite and respectful toward others, and has made a vow to serve and protect as many people as possible to atone for his past sins

Nairitya is constantly shamed by his past, and uses this motivation during his adventuring.

An evil being so ancient and so corrupted as to barely remember it was once human, the Rakshasa 'Do Nairitya', crept through the shadows towards the homestead of a poor farmer and his family, with the burning desire to feast upon them. Driven by his hunger, he breaks into the homestead in a frenzy and tears into the flesh of all who reside within. Men, women and children fall beneath his scything claws as he revels in the screams and the slaughter.

Once he has satiated his dark desires, he shifts to Human form with the intention of making the carnage look like the work of a local band of miscreants, one of whom had offended him a few days earlier in a nearby Tavern.

As it happened though, a wandering party of adventurers had been taking shelter in the barn of the farmer, had been awoken by the screams and come to investigate.

Catching Nairitya mid-transformation, a quick-thinking Wizard among them saw they were dealing with a powerfully evil being and used his Wish spell to effectively curse poor Nairitya to remain in and embody the Human form until he died. The rest of the party, seeing the carnage Nairitya had wrought, did their very best to attempt to bring his death about sooner rather than later.

Nairitya was weakened by his confinement in human form and was eventually forced to retreat, though not without causing serious injuries to the meddlesome adventurers and vowing to complete his revenge against them at a more opportune moment.

However, the curse upon Nairitya to force him to embody a human meant he soon lost his demonic prowess, and with it the corruption that had plagued at his mind and soul since being lured into demonic servitude all those centuries ago. He did not lose his memories however, in-fact it seemed to un-block many which he had previously been suppressing.

He remembered being human, and all the wrong that he had done to deserve his fall to a demon, and he regretted it.

He remembered his time as a demon, and all the terror and carnage he had wrought to attain a high station, and he regretted it.

He remembered his transformation into a Rakshasa, and all the slaughter and feasting in the material world he had perpetrated since, and he regretted it.

He remembered his humanity and it burned. It seared through the tattered remnants of his soul and he cried out in silent agony for every day of the 80 years that remained of his new form's natural lifespan.

However, when he finally did perish, he discovered that his soul was no-longer quite so tattered as it had been. He saw that although he had indeed returned to the Lower Planes, he was not the same being as he was when he had left. He still remembered, and the return of those memories had changed him. He had not been redeemed, but he had started the journey towards it.

He was not the only one to notice this change though, and it was not a popular one among the other denizens of the lower realms, so he soon decided to pursue his redemption in the Material Plane. Gathering up his spirit, he once more cast it up into the Material Plane and coalesced into his fleshly body, ready to begin his journey toward redemption.

He changed his form to that of a Half Elf in honour of the Wizard that had first caused him to regain his humanity, a form he prefers to this day, and chose the Human name Evendur Cragthorn for a dear friend that was lost to him after his fall to demonkind.

He vowed to serve and protect those upon whom he had previously preyed as a part of his atonement, and this resolve lead him to become a Paladin. In compensation for his centuries of causing harm and evil, he felt drawn to a life of justice and Righteousness.

Purposely denying himself use of any ill-gotten skills from previous lives, he commenced his training as a raw recruit with a zealousness unmatched by any of his colleagues, for they did not, could not have such sinful baggage to atone for.

Ability Scores
Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 13 (+1)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 11 (+0)
Charisma: 17 (+3)
Misc. Statistics
Armour Class: 15
Speed: 30
Hit Points: 15
Perception: 10
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Experience: 300

Features and Traits:

  • Darkvision.
  • Terrain Climbing and Gripping.
  • Divine Sense: Use action to locate any Celestial, Fiend or Undead within 60' and know type. Also detect Hallow'd Ground.
  • Lay on Hands: Paladin lvl X 5 healing pool, can heal or use 5 to cure disease/negate poison.
  • Hellish Legacy: Change Shape (standard action) twice/long rest. Advantage on save throws against magic.
  • Natural Weapons: 2 Claw Multi-attack (1d4+Str), a successful hit will curse a target who fails a DC15 Wis save into having disadvantage on all checks until it is removed.
  • Skills:

  • Languages: Common, Infernal, Dwarvish, Elvish.
  • Tools: Land Vehicles.
  • Armour: All + Shields.
  • Weapons: Simple+Martial.